Standard Classical

   49 cm. long by 36.5 cm. across the lower bout. 650mm scale standard, but available with any length from 630-660. Also makes a fine “Parlor Style” steel string.

Grand Concert Classical

   50.5 cm. long and 37 wide, this size offers a bit more power without sacrificing the brilliant trebles.

12-fret 000

   Based on Martin's last design for gut strings, but with a more “classical” shape. Cutaway goes to the 15th fret. The ultimate fingerstyle guitar, it also works well as an archtop

14- fret 000

   A bit larger than Martin's OM, with the same string length of 645mm (25-13/32"), which I also use on the 12-fret.


   The same size as Gibson's L-5/J-200, but a bit different shape. For the “big” guitar sound with better balance than a Dreadnought. Standard model for the archtop.