A Bale ‘o Bar Stock

September, 2009Bale'o Bar Stock

   Select Transylvanian spruce, hand split in the traditional manner. Sources may include dark tangled forests far from the usual haunts of civilized men, the ruins of abandoned churches and abbeys, or windswept mountains where spectral voices moan in the shadows. All living trees were cut in the dark of the Wolf moon and drawn out of the woods with horses before nightfall. Sizes range from 11x8mm to 3/4x13/16 inch, and about 18 inches long. Some pieces will be sharpened on the end, ready for use. Each bale contains a talisman said to ward off troublesome presences. Availability varies, as not many are willing to venture to the sources, and they grow fewer every year. Inquire as to price and shipping.


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