Here's how to reach some of the people and companies that make my work, this site, and my sanity possible:

 Ken Bonfield is a great friend and an even better musician. He uses my guitars both on the road and in the studio. This link will get you to a site where you can buy his recordings (so he can buy more guitars from me).

 Chuck Brodsky is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. Link up to this site to support him and his music.

 Larry Pattis is a fine fingerstyle guitarist even though he doesn't play my guitars. Follow this link to get a sample of his composition and playing.

 The Catgut Acoustical Society is the foremost organization in the world for the study of stringed instrument acoustics. The site has many articles from their semi-annual Journal and links to other relevant sites.

 The Guild of American Luthiers (GAL) was formed over twenty years ago to promote the sharing of knowledge among instrument makers. They publish a quarterly magazine, American Lutherie, and hold triennial conventions. The web site has much useful information, links to schools and suppliers, and a page of luthier jokes.

 The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) was formed in 1988 to promote professionalism among stringed instrument builders. They publish Guitarmaker, a quarterly magazine, and hold Symposia where members can attend workshops and show instruments to the public.

  The Musical Instrument Makers Forum presents ongoing discussions about everything under the sun that pertains to instrument making. It's a great place to go for quick answers to those knotty questions and civil discussions about almost anything instrument related. Please subscribe!

 Yet another Luthier worthy of mention here is Aaron Green. Aaron apprenticed with me for 3 years. His shop in Waltham, MA has been operating for over 10 years, producing very fine classical and flamenco guitars. It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to have had a part in starting that career.

 This site was created through a collaboration between Al Carruth (Luthier and a heck of a guy) and Paul Norman of Forbidden Fruit Guitars (Web Designer and Luthier). The site was designed on a Mac G4 souped up to run at 1.46GHz. The Mitsubishi 22" DiamondPro monitor cruises along with the help of a Nvidia GeForce4 Ti sporting 128Mb. of VRAM. The software used in this opus was: MAc OS X (of course), Macromedia MX Studio 2004, and Adobe Photoshop CS. No animals were harmed.